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Bejegyzések megjelenítése ebből a hónapból: október, 2016

The walled city in your code

Walled cities have a really long history thanks to the fact that we love to kill each other for whatever reason. So city walls were a necessity from a very early history to modern times thanks to this fact. Of course a walled city also needs gates and guards who guard these gates and walls, so we feel a lot more safer. Nowadays we usual have fences, gates and security guards for the very same reason.
In this little post we will talk about when can our code feel a little bit safer.

An important lesson from Haskell You can learn a lot from a pure functional programming language like Haskell, because it makes us view and solve problems in a different way. For example Haskell considers every IO action dangerous, because it causes side effects and side effects can cause unforeseen errors. It’s also one of the most important from Haskell is to be wary of any IO action.

The outside world The outside world is dangerous, because you can caught a cold or get hit by a bus. The “digital” outsid…